Ethanol Education Campaign Partners EETC with OPEI

Latest News The Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC), an association addressing the shortage of qualified technicians in the industry, has partnered with the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) i ... More

Briggs & Stratton Q2 Earnings

Latest News Briggs & Stratton, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, reported improved earnings for its second quarter of the 2015 fiscal year. Earnings were boosted by an acquisition and higher sales of engines for snow t ... More

New Federal Regulations Continue to Strain Landscape Industry

Latest News When the White House's Office of Information & Regulatory Affairs published its Rules List for 2015, anti-regulation groups were appalled by the more than 2,000 new regulations on the docket. A ... More

$9.5 Million Awarded for Water Projects

Latest News Colorado water officials recently awarded $9.5 million, divided into 15 grants, to water projects across the state.  Of that, $2.7 million will go towards irrigation projects in Teller County. ... More

Reservoir at Risk

Latest News The McPhee Reservoir in Montezuma County, Colorado, has found an enemy in the species of zebra and quagga mussels, which are proliferating at a rapid rate.  If the mussels contaminate the rese ... More

Landscape Company Fined $199K for Fatal Accident

Latest News The Department of Labor and Industries has fined Pacific Topsoils, Everett, Washington, $199K for 16 safety violations related to an accident which killed employee Bradley Hogue, 19. The state label ... More

City Micromanages Trees

Latest News The new tree code for residents in Portland, Oregon, is 95 pages long. The new requirements mandate that every resident seek permits before removing medium- to large-sized trees in their yards. I ... More

Contractor Charged With Grand Larceny

Latest News The owner of a landscaping and masonry construction company rammed a stolen dump truck into a mall store to steal an ATM machine. Garrett Landry, landscape contractor and owner of ... More

Bicycling Landscape Contractor

Latest News If you live in the Santa Cruz, California area, you get used to seeing a lot of people on bikes. But the sight of a mountain bike towing a trailer piled high with brooms, shovels, rakes, an electric ... More

Groundskeeper Wins Toro Mower

Latest News A green industry professional from Indiana and the college he works for are one zero-turn mower richer, thanks to The Toro Company. When Mark Pfeifer, grounds foreman for Hyles-Anderson College, Cr ... More

Be careful of what you wish for

The Publisher Speaks Sometimes you have to be careful of what you wish for. Last October when the snows came early...
... More

Can You Afford to Turn Down a Job?

The Publisher Speaks A number of years ago I met a man who was just starting out in the landscape business. He was young, vibrant and enthusiastically looking forward to building a business for himself and his family...
... More

Service Charges

The Publisher Speaks My air conditioner was not working so I called the company to have it repaired. I was told that there would be a service fee for someone to come out. Included with that fee was thirty minutes of worker's time. After that, there would be a charge of additional time as needed, plus parts.
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How is Your Company Perceived?

The Publisher Speaks All the marketing gurus seem to be emphasizing the importance of branding your company and name recognition. So how is your company perceived by your clients and potential clients? ... More

Get On The Bandwagon

The Publisher Speaks The economy looks good, and this should reflect well on our business. However, some clouds loom over the horizon. Weather forecasters are again predicting that some parts of our country... More

Challenges Facing Our Industry

The Publisher Speaks Our industry is facing some challenges that threaten our very existence. We get caught up in our own businesses and are probably not aware of what is quietly going on around us. Then before you know it, new laws and regulations are set in place. ... More

Creating Business

The Publisher Speaks I know I sound like a broken record, but there are lessons to be learned from this little story I am about to tell you.  Almost everyone in the U.S. has felt the pain of these last four years, but small businesses especially have been hard hit. The landscape industry has many small businesses… ... More

Eco-Green Era

The Publisher Speaks  We are being pushed into the eco-green era faster than we can realize, yet most of us are fighting it.  Why?  It's coming faster than we think and will be good for business.  There is a saying: "If you want to know where you are going, look back at where you came from." Exactly! Just look back. ... More

Crew Time Management

The Publisher Speaks Let's talk about productivity. One of the toughest areas to measure productivity is your crew. In any market, especially today, more contractors give up profit dollars... More

The Publisher Speaks

The Publisher Speaks What I want to talk about today is ways for you to develop new additional revenue streams. Since the housing bubble burst, our contractors have been scratching to try and stay afloat, and I find today we can no longer do business the way we did a few years ago. ... More