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Congress Works On Water

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Despite resistance from Tea Party members and pressure from conservative groups such as Hertiage Action and FreedomWorks, the House recently passed an $8.2 billion list of water projects with a 417-3 vote. The measure, known as the Water Resources Reform and Development Act, would be the first one like it to become law since a similar measure was passed by a two-thirds override after a veto by President George W. Bush.

The current bill gives the green light to a suite of dam, port dredging, flood protection and environmental restoration projects. Many supporters thank House Transportation Chairman Bill Schuster (R-Pa.) and his team for helping this bill by emphasizing that it will create jobs back home.

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11.01.2013 at 12:18 Reply

A few facts:

-75% of the water we use can be replaced with harvested rainwater.

1 mile of roadway 50 feet wide collects 165,000 gallons of rainwater per inch of rain

rainwater is harvested and used at the source. Low energy requirement.

Real financial incentive programs for rainwater harvesting systems stimulate private funding dollars for a national growing problem

Rainwater harvesting is the only water solution that affects both the problems of flooding and dwindling water availability.

Rainwater harvesting systems are a quick solution and will creat jobs in America

Water is required to produce energy and energy is required to provide water.

Just some ideas on a rainy afternoon in Georgia.

Jim Harrington

Rainwater Collection Solutions, Inc.