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Smart Controllers Give Homeowners a Break

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Homeowners and residents in the South Florida community of Palm Beach can avoid many local water restrictions if they have so-called “smart” controllers, or advanced technology on their irrigation systems, according to an agreement reached last week between town officials and the South Florida Water Management District.

The only exception is when the water district itself imposes drought restrictions. Then, residents will have to abide by the restrictions.

Smart controllers, which can cut water use by 25 to 60 percent, precisely regulate irrigation according to local weather and soil conditions. Advanced irrigation systems include conservation-oriented sprinkler nozzles.

Palm Beach and local civic improvement associations have been lobbying residents to switch to “advanced irrigation.”

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04.03.2012 at 11:00 Reply

Thanks to the efforts of our Palm Beach Civic Association Water Committee, chaired by Harvey L. Poppel, and Mayor Gail Coniglio of the Town of Palm Beach - this is a breakthrough to add to our already existing ordinance requiring smart controllers (advanced irrigation systems) on new and 50% remodelled properties. The variance from date and time based water restrictions will be an additional "carrot" for property owners to encourage them to purchase advanced irrigation systems.  Getting the top 20% of water users to implement smart irrigation will save a billion gallons of water a year in the Town of Palm Beach.